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5KW Hybrid Solar System Price in Pakistan

5kw hybrid solar system

5KW hybrid solar system is very commonly asked solution. it is recommended for a 5 marla house in Pakistan. It can produce Max 20KW (units) per day.
It can run

1. 1.5 ton Inverter AC
2. 1.5HP Water Pump
3. Refrigerator
4. 4 Fans
5. 9 Watt x 8 Led Lights

System Components with price:

a. Hybrid Inverter 5.2KW make by Voltronic Power Axpert Series VM II

b. Solar Panel 540 Watt x 10 (Total 5400watt) Tier-1 Brand i.e Jinko, JA, Longi, Astro, Canadain, Trina

c. Tall Tubular Battery 225Ah x 4 (Hyunadi / Phoenix) Korean Brand

d. PV Mounting 2PV / 3PV (14 Gauge Galvanized with nut, bolts, washers and Rawal Bolts)

e. DC Flexible wire (6mm 2 core for solar panals to inverter, 25mm for Batteries to inverter)

f. AC Standard Wire (7/.029, 7.036) for AC input / output connections to Inverter)

g. Protection Box (DC braker for battery/Solar, AC Change-over Breaker for inverter/Grid, overload protector for inverter output safety)

Cost of System
Estimated average price as of Feb-2022 is 680,000 PKR with complete installation charges)

if you want to go for a Hybrid on grid system cost will be additional 15,000 PKR +680,000 PKR

Net Metering Charges

Net metering cost about 90,000 PKR including Green Meter, AC disconnect switch, AC/DC earthing, boring, copper conductor, surge arrestor and Surge protection etc.

Backup / Energy Storage.
At continues load of 2000W or 2KW battery backup can last up to 3 hours when solar or grid is not available. However in tropical seasons or in winter season when AC is not running backup time can last more then 10 hours

Warranty / After Sales Services

Inverter Warranty

Hybrid inverters comes with standard 12 months warranty, however, some local companies offer 18 months or 24 months warranty. As well as, very few companies offer up to 5 year warranty.

Solar Panel Warranty

Solar panel standard warranty 10 to 12 years replacement or workmanship

25 to 30 year warranty for 80% leaner output

Required Space on Rooftop

Surface Area 275 Square Feet   26 Square Meters 
Covered Area 358 Square Feet   33 Square Meters