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How to extend battery life span (tips & tricks)

Tips & Tricks to Extend Battery Life span


  1. Always calibrate inverter when new batteries are installed as per provided datasheet from battery manufacturer


  1. Inverter and batteries should be placed where temperature must not exceed than 25°C. UPS location must be airy not suffocated.


  1. Do not deep discharge batteries. Maintain low cut-off 60% DOD (depth of discharge). Let remain 40% energy in battery.


  1. Maintain safe distance at-least 1.5 inch between each two batteries.


  1. If batteries stored are not being used, pass a charging cycle once in a month for Lead-Acid & Sealed Lead Acid MF (Maintenance Free) and Calcium batteries. Once in 6 month for DRY (AGM, GEL, VRLA) batteries, once in a year for Lithium batteries.


  1. If you have lithium battery always use compatible inverters or BMS (battery Management System).


  1. Keep a regular check on batteries if batteries are over-heating or seems swelled check inverter charge /discharge parameter.


  1. Use energy efficient appliances. Use LED bulb instead of conventional lights, use inverter AC or refrigerator available with maximum efficiency in the market. Energy efficient maybe available at bit high but it will use reduce electricity bill.