System Design

Normally in Pakistan’s Environment more than 80% people don’t bother to do the project related jobs and documentation in proper way. As a result, situation got out of control when no one take responsibility when series problem occurs in implemented infrastructure.

When we talk about Solar Energy, Systems design is the process of defining the infrastructure, components, modules, interfaces and rated output power for our customer to satisfy specified load requirements.

Physically we design and deliver actual input and output of the solar energy power production system. Before system installation we verify at how much irradiance input into a solar PV array how much output we will receive in form of watt (the basic unit of power consumption).


We verify our solar energy system rated out according to below mentioned steps:



  1. Solar panel rated output STC (under standard test conditions)
  2. Conversion efficiency and line losses of Solar DC to DC and DC to AC
  3. Energy storage power factor and cycle life with 50% DOD (depth of discharge)
  4. System control and bypass options in case of failure
  5. Minimum time required for system recovery
  6. Design life or service life of each component used in system