TOMZN 63A 230V 3IN1 Adjustable kwh Voltage & Ampere Over And Under Protector Relay Breaker Over Current Protection

PKR 5,800.00

1.Over-voltage protection
2.Under-voltage protection
3.Over-current protection
4.Automatic recovery
5.Voltage display(voltage measurement)
6.Current display (current measurement)

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  • Under voltage protection 210V-145V (adjustable) (default: 170V)
  • Over voltage protection 230V-300V (adjustable) (default: 270)
  • Over current protection 1A-63A (adjustable) (default: 63A)
  • Reconnect time (delay on time): 1s-300s (default: 40s)
  • Voltage meter , Ammeter , Energy meter
  • Rated voltage: 220V; Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ
  • Reconnect time (delay on time): 3s-300s (default: 30s)
  • ​Error in real-time current, voltage : ≤5%