SunTech 300 Watt Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

PKR 32,500.00

Sun Tech Solar Panel A+ Grade in 24V system

  • Higher energy yield with an anti-reflective, hydrophobic layer.
  • High module efficiency achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Excellent performance under low light conditions.
  • Guaranteed positive tolerance of 5% delivers higher outputs reliably.

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72 cell Polycrystalline  High module conversion effciency Positive tolerance Suntech current sorting process Extended wind and snow load tests Excellent weak light performance Withstanding harsh environment 

+   VOC 44 best for Solar Tube Well, Bank ATM and petrol pumps.

+   High Yield output

+   10 years of workmanship and material warranty

+   25 years 80% leaner output warranty.

+   Operating tempratue range -40 to +85 degre