SunEdison Silvantis Solar Panel

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SILVANTIS® R-SERIES: 275W TO 295W 60-Cell High Wattage Modules

SunEdison introduces the next generation of high performance solar modules based on innovative Continuous Cz (CCz) monocrystalline cells with PERC technology. The Silvantis R-Series delivers the highest levels of efficiency and durability; providing homeowners with the same quality and performance SunEdison’s utility customers.

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• 18.0% module efficiency with positive power tolerance

• PID-free: compatible with transformerless and multi-MPPT inverters

• Higher return on investment with more watts-per-module

• Reliability tested beyond international standards

• Utility-grade manufacturing: ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and 100% EL inspection


• Black anodized corrosion resistant aluminum frame

» White back sheet: SE-R2xxCzC-3y

» Black back sheet: SE-R2xxKzC-3y

• Low glare anti-reflective coated (ARC) tempered glass SUNEDISON WARRANTY

• 25-year limited warranty for materials and workmanship for installations ≤ 250 kWDC

• 25-year linear power warranty at STC:

» Year 1: ≤ 3.5% of rated power

» After year 1: ≤ 0.7% rated power degradation per year