Solis 5kw Hybrid Off-Grid + on grid inverter

PKR 265,000.00

Fully intelligent energy management system

 ● Precise MPPT algorithm to maximize the efficiency of energy storage and home use according to the climate state

 Lightweight design and easy installation

 ● Outdoor IP65 protection 

 ● Support CAN, RS485, WiFi and GPRS communication

 ● WiFi and GPRS monitoring software can be downloaded in the mobile app

 ● 05-year warranty

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New energy generation method PV

DC input (PV side)


Maximum input voltage (V) 600
Starting voltage (V) 120
MPPT voltage range (V) 90-520
MPPT quantity 2/2
Rated maximum DC input current (A) 11/11





type of battery lithium battery
Battery voltage range (V) 42-58
Battery capacity (Ah) 50-2000
Maximum charging power (kW) 3
Maximum charge/discharge current (A) 62.5/62.5



AC output (off-grid mode)


Rated output power (kW) 3
Instantaneous maximum output apparent power 4kVA 10sec
Off-grid switching time <10ms
Operating phase (running) Simplex
Rated grid voltage (V) 220/230/240
Rated grid frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated grid output current (A) 13
Current total harmonic 2% (linear load)

AC output (grid side)


Rated output power (kW) 5
Operating phase (running) Simplex
Rated grid voltage (V) 220/230/240
Grid voltage range (V) 180~270
Rated grid frequency (Hz) 50/60
Grid frequency range (Hz) 47-52 or 57-62
Rated grid output current (A) 21.7
Output power factor 1 (default), 0.8 lead… 0.8 lag adjustable
Current total harmonic <2%



Maximum power >97.5%
European efficiency >96.8%
Battery inverter maximum efficiency >95%
Battery charging efficiency >95%

Protective device


Ground fault detection Have
Residual current detecting device Have
DC AFCI Optional
DC reverse polarity protection (reverse connection) Have
Protection level / overvoltage type I/III

Basic parameters

Size (mm) 333W*505H*249D

Weight (kg)

Working temperature -25~60°C
Protection level IP65
Topology Transformerless
noise <20dBA
cooling method Natural convection
Design working years >20 years
Safety / EMC standards IEC62040-1 IEC62109-1/-2 AS3100 NB/T 32004

 EN61000-6-1 EN61000-6-3

AC and DC connections Quick mounting terminal
interface CAN/RS485/WiFi/GPRS (optional)
warranty period 5~20 years (optional)