Shoto 6XFMJ 12V 150Ah Gel Battery

PKR 34,500.00

6-XFMJ-150 12V Front-Terminal

Service life of 15 years

Wider temperature range Excellent deep cycle performance

Excellent high rate discharge performance

Stronger constant power discharge capability

Better charge acceptability

Better safety performance reliability

Performance/price ratio is high yearly operating cost is low

Environment protection and energy saving

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Structure features of Chinashoto 6-XFMJ series gel battery:

Plate: Both positive plate and negative plate adopt pasted plate.The grid is molded with multi-component alloy which has higher hydrogen evolution potential, better corrosion-proof performance and longer service life. It improves utilization ratio of active substance and charge acceptance performance.

Electrolyte: The primary material is gas silicon dioxide from Germany. The electrolyte is thin sol state in the initial stage of filling. The electrolyte which is the gel state in the finished battery is no leakage and delaminating phenomenon.

Battery case lid: Cover and container made of ABS and advanced heat-sealing technology improves battery intensity, safety and stability.

Terminal sealing: The terminals are made of copper cores with large diameter, so the terminals have large current-carrying capacity and low internal resistance. The unique double sealing structure of terminal post can effectively avoid leakage, to guarantee reliability of terminal post sealing.

Safety valve: The safety valve with constant open/close pressure from Germany technology can prevent the electrolyte dry-out. Disc