Shoto 200Ah Dry battery (6-FMX-200)

PKR 96,500.00

Shoto 6-FMX-200 12V 200Ah AGM Battery

The 6-FMX-200 series is a range of high-capacity batteries for UPS, Inverter and Telecom applications.  With ease of installation and low maintenance. This battery can provide a 12 year design life in float conditions.

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Shoto 6FMX200

Shoto 6 – FMX – 200 VRLA Maintenance – free Sealed Lead – acid AGM Battery for Telecom / Energy Storage / UPS

Normal Voltage
200Ah @ 10hr to 1.80V @ 25˚C(77˚F)
57 kg (125.66 lbs)

Length: 559 mm

Width: 125 mm
Height: 315 mm
Total Height: 315 mm
Internal Resistance (full charged)
3.2 mΩ
Short-circuit Current
2852 A
Self Discharge @25˚C(77˚F)
Less than 4% after 30 days storage

Operating Temperature Range

Discharge: -40˚C ~ 50˚C(-40˚F ~ 122˚F)

 Charge: -20˚C ~ 45˚C(-4˚F ~ 113˚F)
Storage: -20˚C ~ 40˚C(-4˚F ~ 104˚F)
Recommended Operating Temperature
15˚C ~ 25˚C (59˚F ~ 77˚F)
Recommended Charging Current
40 A
Charging Voltage @25˚C(77˚F)

 Float: 2.23 V/cell

 Cycle: 2.35 V/cell

Capacity Affected by Temperature

103 % @ 40˚C

85 % @ 0˚C
60 % @ -20˚
Design life @25°C
12 years

Main Applications

1. Telecom site
2. Outdoor base station
3. Floating operation site
4. UPS


1. Front terminal design, easy access for faster installation and maintainence
2. Optimal energy density, save oor space
3. No leakage and no acid smog spray during the operation

Technical Features

1. Excellent capacity retention rate

2. Long life oat service design

3. Excellent over discharge recovery

4. capability

Specific Parameters

Constant Current Discharge Characteristics Unit: A (25ºC, 77ºF)   

Constant Power Discharge Characteristics Unit: W/cell (25ºC, 77ºF)

Performance Curve