ReneSola Virtus II 300 Watt Poly Solar Panel

PKR 15,000.00

300Watt module Renesola JC300M-24-Ab polycrystalline

The Renesola Virtus II JC300M-24/Ab operates at 15.50% module efficiency. One of the biggest solar panels with a rugged anodized aluminum alloy frame, UL1703 certification, California CEC approval and 25 year warranty. This ReneSola module produces free electricity from the Sun for year to come at a lowest cost per watt.

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High Module Conversion Efficiency

Easy Installation and Handing for Various Applications

Withstanding Mechanical Load up to 5400 Pa

Conform With PV Standards:IEC 61215:2005,IEC 61730:2004,UL1703


10 years material and workmanship guarantee for our modules.In addition,a 90%-power-output guarantee for 10 years and a 80%-power-output guarantee for 25 years of the modules life are provided.