RefuSol Grid-Tie Solar Inverter

PKR 275,000.00

Solar Inverter Models 8K to 23K

  • Future-proof
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Flexible decentral installation 

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The new generation is based on the successful existing platform, which ensures maximum yields and is maintenance-free.

Working together with our customers, we have made on-going improvements to the equipment, making it future-proof, user-friendly and reliable. Using the new software, you will be able to handle any challenges that you may be faced with in the future, whether you want to integrate energy stores, integrate the PV system in smart grid networks, or make adjustments to comply with changes to regulations.

Use this flexible tool to plan and build your decentral PV project.

You can easily scale up the design for a single solar inverter and apply it when designing a large PV system. So you can start earning money before the complete PV system is installed, you can create sub-systems, which generate power and supply it to the grid during the construction phase. The equipment is designed to be used everywhere in the world, with special version for the North America market (UL version) and Japan market (JP version).


RefuSol_8k to 23k