RefuSol Grid-Tie Solar Inverter 40KW

PKR 861,000.00

Solar Inverter Models 40K/46K

  • High return on investment
  • Low weight
  • Robust construction

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In large PV systems, what matters is output and reliability. The new REFUsol 40K/46K string inverters provide both. It is available with two different performance levels: 40 kW for 400 V AC voltage, and 46 kW for 460 V AC voltage. The REFUsol complies with the IP65 enclosure rating, and is passively cooled, so it is maintenance-free – a solid partner for decentral outdoor design concepts.

Both versions are equipped with UltraEta® topology. Even in the case of a partial load, the REFUsol achieves an efficiency rate of over 98%. This increases the return on investment. You can keep an eye on yields using the 4-channel string monitoring system and the integrated logger. DC string fuses are already integrated in the DC ConnectionBox, and the units are light and easy to handle, despite their massive benefits. Consequently, they are very easy to install and operate. As an option we can also install a DC surge protection breaker on the string inverters.