Pylontech US3000C 75Ah 3.6KW lihtium battery

PKR 390,000.00

The latest US3000C battery from PylonTech now offers 3.55kWh of storage, also boasting 95% DoD.

Key features

  • Nominal Capacity: 3552 Wh
  • 95% Depth of discharge (80% recommended when paired with a Sofar ME3000)
  • >6000 Life Cycles
  • 32kg
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Warranty 05 Years

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US3000C Pylontech Lithium

Pylontech’s US3000C lithium battery is the new version of the already known US3000.
The simplicity and modularity of the 3.55 kWh capacity US3000C make it suitable to realize storage systems of
small and large capacities that can be expanded according to current and future energy needs.
Among the new features there is the built-in Soft-Start function able to reduce the peak current when inverter
need to start from battery.
The US3000C battery has an integrated BMS that can manage and monitor cell information including voltage,
current and temperature.


  • The more stable and safer internal molecular structure of LFP batteries, allows an increase in combustion
    temperature equal to 600 ° C compared to 300 ° C of NMC and LCO;
  • 95% depth of discharge (DOD), available for the inverter which completely follow Pylontech latest protocol
    to operate;
  • Support wake up by 5~12V signal from RJ45
  • Support upgrade battery module from upper
  • controller via CAN or RS485 communication;
  • Dual active protection on BMS level;
  • Ability to work under different temperature
  • Monitoring and assistance included