PowerSafe 12V-190AH Dry Battery

PKR 38,500.00

The PowerSafe® V Front Terminal batteries designed specifically for use in applications that demand the highest levels of security and reliability. With proven compliance to the most rigorous international standards. The reputation of PowerSafe batteries for long service life, together with excellent high rate performance. Power Safe





The PowerSafe™ SBS-190F battery utilizes unique and proven technology to provide superior performance with an extended service life in compact and energy dense configurations. PowerSafe SBS batteries are manufactured to the highest international standards and are ideal for reliable use in all wireless and fixed-line communication applications. PowerSafe SBS batteries are also widely used in cable TV, emergency lighting, power generation and offshore applications.

PowerSafe SBS-190F batteries are designed to cope with elevated temperatures and harsh environments. The advanced thin plate, pure lead technology and unique manufacturing methods, used by EnerSys®, make PowerSafe SBS batteries the choice for long and trouble-free service.

PowerSafe SBS EON Technology™ batteries have been developed to provide high cycling and fast recharge performance in applications where the power supply is erratic.

SBS-190F Battery Features and Benefits:

  • Proven Long Service
  • High energy density
  • Up to two year shelf life
  • Very low ventilation requirement
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40°F (-40°C) to 122°F (50°C)

EnerSys PowerSafe SBS-190F Battery Specifications: 

Chemistry:  Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage: 12 volts 
Nominal Capacity: 190.0Ah 
Terminals: M6
Dimensions (L x W x H): 22.10 x 4.90 x 12.40
Weight (pounds): 132.3



Features & Benifits :

– 12V, 190Ah monobloc (C10/1.80Vpc/20°C).
– Compact design & superior energy density.
– more back-up power in same space.
– Front terminal connections for fast and easy installation and maintenance.
– Ideal for use in industry-standard power cabinets.
– UL94 V-0 flame retardant case and lid.
– Long design life.