MPPT 300 Watt (12V)


SCC-MPPT 300W/600W/850W/3KW Solar Charge Controller


With advanced maximum-power-tracking technology, SCC-MPPT series ensures maximum performance from your solar array at all times and in all weather conditions.


Main Features

  • Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking technology
  • Built-in DSP controller with high performance
  • Automatic battery voltage detection (Only for 600W and 3KW)
  • Battery temperature sensor (BTS) automatically provides
  • Three-stage charging optimizes battery performance
  • Auto load-detection
  • Multifunction LCD displays detailed information
  • Reverse polarity protection of solar panel and battery
  • Overcharge and overload protection IP 43 protection for outdoor and harsh environment
  • Suitable for battery types of sealed lead acid, vented Gel, and NiCd



MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage15 VDC ~ 37 VDC15 VDC ~ 33 VDC30 VDC ~ 66 VDC45 VDC ~ 88 VDC60 VDC ~ 115 VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage50 VDC50 VDC75 VDC98 VDC145 VDC
Maximum PV Array Power300 W300 W600 W850 W800 W1600 W3200 W
Maximum Current18 A17 A50 A
Nominal Battery Voltage12 VDC12 VDC24 VDC36 VDC12 VDC24 VDC48 VDC
Connected Battery TypeSealed lead acid, vented, Gel, NiCd batterySealed lead acid, AGM or Gel
Maximum Charging Current25 A20 A60 A
Maximum Efficiency98%
Charging MethodThree stages: bulk, absorption, and floating
Overload Protection> 110% : audible alarm
Overcharge ProtectionYes
Polarity Reversal Protection @
Solar Cell & Battery
LCD DisplayLCD panel indicating solar power, load level, battery voltage/capacity, charging current, and fault conditions
LED DisplayThree indicators for solar, charging, and load status
Dimension, D x W x H (mm)135 x 170 x 57.5220 x 170 x 57.5315 x 165 x 128
Net Weight (kgs)0.921.854.5
Type of Mechanical ProtectionIP 43
Humidity0 ~ 100% RH (No condensing)9 ~ 95% RH (No condensing)
Operating Temperature-20°C to 55°C0°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to 75°C-15°C to 60°C
Altitude0 ~ 3000 m
Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.