Leoch 12V 100AH Dry Battery

PKR 61,500.00

LEOCH Gel VRLA batteries are building on our experience in AGM VRLA batteries. LEOCH battery completely relied on its own technology and strength, and has successfully developed LEOCH GEL battery. Through simulation and speedup tests,it has shown good effect, and LEOCH GEL battery.

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General Features:

  1. Long time discharge.
  2. Suitable for space and storage electric power use.
  3. Special plate design, long cycle lifetime.
  4. Using special lead-calcium alloy to boost up the grid anti-corrosive performance.
  5. Using special separator to boost up the battery performance inside.
  6. High thermal capacity, reduce the risk of thermal out of control and drying hard.
  7. High gas recombined reaction efficiency.
  8. Little water losing, no electrolyte stratification phenomenon.
  9. Long storage time.
  10. Good deep discharge resilience performance.
  11. Using gas silicon dioxide, small granule degree, bigger than surface area