Jinko Solar Panel 250 Watt Poly

PKR 31,500.00


Solar modules incorporate industry-leading features, including:

–    High conversion efficiency
–    Higher yield with an anti-reflective coatingt
–    Excellent performance in low light conditions

–    Positive power tollerance ensuring high power output

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Rated Power (watts) 250
Power Tolerance 0/-3%
Maximum Power Voltage (volts) 30.4
Short Circuit Current (amps)  8.81
Maximum Power Current (amps)  8.23
Open Circuit Voltage (volts) 37.6
Module Efficiency 15.27%
Cell Technology Multicrystalline
Certifications IEC61215, IEC61730, Ammonia, Salt Mist, Anti-PID
Snow / Wind Load (Pa) 2400 / 5400
Warranty 10-year material and workmanship warranty 
25-year power output warranty: 
12 years/90%, 25 years/80%
Weight 19.00kg
Temperature Coefficent (Pmp) -0.45 %/°C
Connector Type Jinko
Junction Box IP65 rated
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