JA Solar JAM(K) 280 Watt

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Approx. 11% more power output per m²

Higher conversion efficiency, higher capacity and power output performance per unit area

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Higher module efficiency reduces system costs per watt

  • Reduction of transportation costs 10%
  • Reduction of land costs 8%
  • Reduction of installation costs 7%
  • Reduction of BOS-costs 6%

Industry average+11% Percium JAM6(L)-60/PR

Note: Data is based on an estimate derived from the comparison of the Percium 290W JAM6(L)-60/PR module and 260W industry counterpart.


Monocrystalline 60-cell
30W>industry average




  • 10% lowerTransportation costs
  • 8% lowerLand costs
  • 7% lowerInstallation costs
  • 6% lowerBos costs

Excellent low-light performance

1% more power output

Normalized EQE
Wavelength (nm)
Normal Mono
EQE—External quantum efficiency
Current [A]

High Reliability

Excellent  anti-PID performance

Double electroluminescence (EL) tests guarantee fault-free modules

Lower contact resistance and optimized soldered connections as well as reduced grid breakage of cell conductor tracks through double-printing technology

100% automated production facilities using state-of-the-art plant technology

Cell grid breakage
Silicon wafer
First printing
Silicon wafer
Double printing


Average mass production conversion efficiency >20.6%
Monocrystalline cell technology with passivated back sheet and local aluminum-BSF (back-surface field), 4-busbar cell design