INVEREX Solar Inverter 1500VA

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Solar inverter with built-in PWM Solar Charge Controller

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   Simulated Sine Wave Solar Inverter + Charger (UPS)

   Model: XP Pro Solar 7+7

   Rated Capacity: 1500VA, 840Watt, 12V DC, 230V AC

   Suitable for:  7 Fans + 7 Tube Lights

   Application: Home and office (Ideal for Long Backup)



   Built-in 50Ampere Solar Charge Controller

   Sensitivity Selector (UPS mode & Inverter mode)

   Multiple options: Horizontal, Vertical, and wall mount

   Rapid Charger with adjustable battery charging amperes

   Selectable 15A & 20A charging current

   Multi function LED display over load,Battery health and cuttoff mode

   Provides critical overload/overcharging  & short circuit protection

   Generator & Computer related devices compatible

   Cold start function

   Fully automatic restart operation

   Suitable for:

   Computers, LCD’s, TV, Fans, Tube Light & Other Electronic Items