Narada HTB 313K Series 12V-100AH Battery

PKR 73,500.00

HTB 313K Series (12V) Battery


Designed and manufactured with 8 exclusive patented technologies, Narada created an innovative range of 313K high temperature batteries designed to cope with raised temperature and harsh environments. The advanced technology and unique manufacturing method make 313K batteries deliver at least twice the cycle life of conventional lead-acid batteries.

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Technical Features

  • Good high temperature performance
  • Exceptional deep cycle and PSOC performance
  • Advanced negative plate protection
  • Patented anti-corrosion grid technology
  • Special active material for high temperature condition
  • Improved high temperature case material


  • Wide operating temperature range: -40℃ to +80℃.
  • Normal operating temperature is 35℃
  • Cyclic application for poor grid area
  • Hybrid system with solar and wind power
  • Storage energy system
  • Power station and UPS system


  • Longer battery life in raised temperature environments
  • 25% electricity power saving
  • Up to 100% air conditioner maintenance saving
  • Up to 100% condensing agent saving
  • 30% CO2 gas emission reduce
  • Less than 1 year payback period depend on environment

Products Characteristics

  • Nominal voltage: 12V
  • Design  life: 6 years at 35  ℃
  • Vertical  installation is recommended
  • Self-discharge: <5% per month  at 35℃
  • Terminal hardware torque:  10-12 N.m
  • Recommended charge voltage: Float charge:2.24V/cell at 35℃(95℉), temperature compensation coefficient-3mV/℃/cellyclic charge:  2.30V/cell at 35 ℃(95℉  or case by case temperature compensation coefficient-5mV/℃/cell