HT-SAAE 275 Watt Solar Panel

PKR 18,375.00

HT-SAAE HIGHWAY Series 156M – 60Cell 5BB

Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electro-mechanical Co. Ltd.,(HT-SAAE) belongs to China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation, and Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology. HT-SAAE started its research on solar technology application in space in 1960’s. As a large scale state-owned company, HT-SAAE owns a vertically-integrated industry chain from silicon ingots, wafers, cells, solar modules to solar system and its subsidiaries have formed three main industry bases in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia.

  • 19.4% Module Efficiency
  • Certified to withstand dynamic mechanical load up to 1000 Pascal
  • Advanced surface treatment, less surface reflection and 5BB cell design can reduce series resistance and improve module efficiency..

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