CSI 60K750-EJA

CSI series unit-type intelligent AC/DC quick charger support CHAdeMO、CCS Combo 2; and AC Type 2
support for the OCPP 1.6
CSI 60K750-EJA unit-type intelligent AC/DC quick charger supplies a convenient human-computer interaction, its modular design facilitates equipment maintenance and expansion; three-interface design ensure power output AC 43kw and DC 60kw at the same time.



•  Perfect charging protection against lightning protection, leakage, short circuit, over current, over temperature, reverse battery connection, etc;
•  Protection functions such as input over/under voltage, connection abnormality, emergency stop;
•  Multi-standard (CHAdeMO; CCS Combo-2;AC type 2) ,Simultaneous charging of DC and AC;
•  Modular design, flexible configuration and easy maintenance;
•  Built-in RFID and communications(3G/LAN/Wi-Fi);
•  Upgrade the system software remotely and locally;
•  High degree of protection and wide voltage output ;
•  Support swiping card/scan QR code to pay.


Highways and national roads;
Fuel-stations (City and strategic locations);
EV Infrastructure and operators;
EV fleet (private and public);
EV dealers and service providers.

Technical data

Model CSI 60K500-EJA CSI 60K750-EJA
Nominal Input
Power connection 3P+N+PE
Voltage & Frequency 400VAC±10%;45~65Hz
Efficiency ≧94%
Power factor ≧0.99
DC Output
Voltage(optional) 100-500V 200-750V
(up to 500V for CHAdeMO)
Current 160A(CCS Combo2)/160A (CHAdeMO)
Max. Power 60kw
AC output
voltage 230V or 400V
Current from 16A up to 63A
Nominal Power from 3.7kw  up to 43kw
General Specifications
Shell material Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
Charging mode Multi-standard DC outputs(model-4),AC(model-3)
Communication with EV JEVS G104(CHAdeMO) ,
IEC61851-23 PLC(CCS Combo -2),
DC plugs JEVS G104(CHAdeMO) /IEC62196-3(CCS Combo 2)
AC plugs IEC62196  AC  Type 2
Human Machine Interface
7’’ TFT Color touch screen
RFID system Mifare (Classic, DesFire EV1) or others on request
Communication GPRS/LAN/Wi-Fi
Communication Protocols OCPP (optional: others)
Place of installation Indoor/Outdoor
Altitude 6000m(Derating over 3000m )
Protection degree IP54
Operating Temperature -20-60℃(Derating over 50℃ )
Storage Temperature -40-70℃
Humidity 5%~95% without condensation
Sound noise <55 dB in all directions
Length of charging gun cable 5m(optional)
Dimensions(W*D*H) 650*500*1350mm
Weight 205kg