Ep Solar Tracer-3210RN MPPT

PKR 24,500.00

Ep Solar Tracer-3210RN MPPT

Tracer is an advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking MPPT controller for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems. The controller provides higher efficiency up to 97% with lower power loss.


+   MPPT technology 
+   Peak conversion efficiency of 97% 
+   High Tracking efficiency of 99% 
+   Several seconds tracking speed 
+   4-Stage charge with PWM output 
+   Nature convection cooling 
+   Full power output in ambient temperature up to 45 ℃ 
+   Temperature compensation 
+   Sealed, Gel and Flooded battery option 
+   Widely used, automatically recognize day/night 
+   Diversified load control 
+   RJ45 interface &optional meter 
+  1 year warranty 
+  CE certificate

Electronic Protections: 
+   PV short circuit  protection
+   PV reverse polarity protection
+   PV overvoltage alarm protection
+   PV over current protection
+   Battery overcharge protection
+   Battery over discharge protection 
+   Battery reverse polarity protection
+   Load short circuit protection
+   Load overload protection