Ep Solar Tracer-1210RN / Tracer-1215RN

PKR 29,500.00

EP Solar Tracer MPPT Charge Controller

Tracer-1210RN / Tracer-1215RN

·12/24V auto work


Tracer is an advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking MPPTcontroller for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems. The controller provides higher efficiency up to 97% with lower power loss..

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·Peak conversion efficiency of 97% 
·High Tracking efficiency of 99% 
·Several seconds tracking speed 
·4-Stage charge with PWM output 
·Full power output in ambient temperature up to 45 ℃ 
·Sealed, Gel and Flooded battery option 
·RJ45 interface &optional meter 
·1 years warranty 



Electronic Protections:

·PV short circuit  protection
·PV reverse polarity protection
·PV overvoltage alarm protection
·PV over current protection
·Battery overcharge protection
·Battery over discharge protection
·Battery reverse polarity protection
·Load short circuit protection
·Load overload protection