Conext XW4548 (120/240) Solar Inverter

PKR 525,000.00

Conext XW4548 (120/240) Solar Inverter System

One solution for grid-tie backup and off-grid solar (120/240V – 50/60Hz)

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Higher return on investment

  •  Harness the continuously declining production cost of solar power
  •  Hybrid integration of generator reduces diesel fuel costs

Designed for reliability

  •  Robust design through rigorous reliability testing (HALT)
  •  Proven field performance: 7 years with high reliability, globally in multiple applications and environments


  •  Adapts to single, split-phase or three-phase systems
  •  Scales to 36 kW for commercial or large electrification installations
  •  Supports DC coupled and AC coupled solutions

Easy to service

  •  Remote monitoring and configuration
  •  Replaceable boards and components
  •  Global support

Easy to install

  •  Devices configure quickly into a stylish wall mounted system
  •  Inverters connect both grid and generator power with dual AC input
  •  Power distribution panel integrates inverters with battery bank and solar charge controllers