Conext AGS

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Conext AGS: Solar Power System Automatic Generator Start

Automatically start and stop a generator to meet power needs

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  •  Works with multiple Xanbus devices – Conext XW, SW, MPPT 60-150, MPPT 80-600, SCP, ComBox
  •  User-programmable trigger settings to meet specific application needs
  •  Battery voltage
  •  Exercise time
  •  Inverter / charger AC power loads
  •  SOC
  •  Quiet time
  •  Supports manual start and stop operation modes

Easy to service

  •  Access and troubleshoot AGS device events using the Conext ComBox or SCP
  •  Easily upgrade new firmware to the AGS using the ComBox

Easy to install

  •  Wall mount
  •  RJ45 connections for Xanbus network cables