Chint SC20KTL Watt 480 Volt Inverter

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  Chint SC20KTL-O/US-480 > 20000 Watt 480 Volt Inverter

Manufacturer’s Description

The CPS SC20KTL-DO/US-480 grid-tied PV inverter is a tranformerless, three phase product designed for the North America market in compliance with UL and CSA standards. Patented 3-level control algorithm and thermal design provide 97.3% maximum efficiency.


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These grid-tie inverters from Chint are compliant with UL and CSA standards.

  • Maximum efficiency of 97.3%, CEC efficiency of 96.5%
  • 3-level technology and enhanced control mechanism to achieve high efficiency over wide load range
  • High speed and precise MPPT algorithm
  • 2 MPP trackers to achieve higher system efficiency
  • Transformerless design
  • Standard warranty: 5 years, extention up to 20 years
  • Advanced thermal design, with variable speed fans
  • Anti-Islanding protection
  • Ground-fault detection and interruption circuit
  • Redundant controller for system protection
  • Design for reliability
  • Comprehensive protection functions
  • Enhanced DSP system
  • NEMA 3R (IP65), outdoor application
  • Multi mounting modes, quick installation and easy maintenance
  • High altitude application
  • Integrated DC (+, -) and AC disconnect
  • Light weight, compact design for commercial rooftops




Model CPS SC20KTL-O/US-480
Series CPS SC
Manufacturer Chint



Type Grid-Tie
Operating Temperature Range -25° C – 60° C
Enclosure NEMA 3R
Cooling Variable speed cooling fans
Dimensions (W x H x D) 21.4″ x 41.6″ x 8.5″
Weight 132 lbs
Shipping Method Freight


Input (DC)

Recommended PV Power (STC) 21,000 W
Max Voltage 600 V
Peak Power Tracking Voltage 260 V – 580 V
Min Start Voltage 300 V
Max Current 35 A x2


Output (AC)

Maximum Output Power 20,000 W
Nominal AC Voltage 480 VAC
Frequency 60 Hz
Max Current 27.3 A