Canadian Solar 360W Poly PERC

PKR 11,840.00

Canadian Solar‘s new high performance panels have been designed for high voltage systems with up to 1500 V DC. This enables a 50% increase of string length, reducing the BoS costs of your solar system while improving the system performance through a reduction of wiring losses.

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Power:                                                                        360/365/370 W
Size:                                                                        992 * 1960 * 40 mm
Weight:                                                                        22.4 kg


Lower BoS costsLower BoS costs

• High voltage system increases the string length of solar systems by up to 50%

• Reduces the amount of equipment needed for system

• Reduces the labor costs and installation time

Higher performanceHigher performance

• Outstanding low radiance performance of up to 96.0 %

• Improves the system performance through a reduction of wiring losses

High module qualityHigh module quality

High product quality assured by applying the automotive industry quality management system (ISO16949):

  • Industry high PTC rating up to 91.94 %
  • 100 % EL screening
  • IP67 junction box
  • 239 quality control points