Apolo Solar inverter 4Kw

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Off-grid true sine wave split phase, stackable inverter/charger.


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Model TSW4048
Series True Sine Wave
Manufacturer Apollo Solar
Type Off-Grid / Pure Sine Wave
Operating Temperature Range -20° C – 45° C
Enclosure Poweder-Coated Steel
Cooling Variable speed temp controlled fans
Dimensions (W x H x D) 22.5″ x 9″ x 7.25″
Weight 49 lbs
Shipping Method Ground


Input Battery Voltage 48 V
Max Continuous Current 92 A


Continuous Power Output at 25° C 4000 W
AC Output Voltage (Selectable) 120/240 VAC Split Phase
120 VAC Single Phase
230 VAC Single Phase
Frequency 60 Hz

Detailed Description

The Apollo Solar TSW4048 includes a DC to AC true sine wave inverter, battery charger, and AC transfer switch in a compact modular housing. Providing 4000W at 48V, the TSW is the ideal solution for residential and commercial off-grid systems in the 2kW-12kW range.

With the ISM and the T80/T80HV, the TSW provides a complete off-grid system. The TSW can also be installed separately.

  • Off-Grid True Sine Wave Inverter/Charger 120/240 Split-Phase input and output
  • 200% surge power capacity
  • Parallel stacking for more power
  • Internal transfer relay
  • True Sine Wave Output
  • Parallel Stacking of Multiple Inverters
  • High Current 5-stage Charging for Maximum Battery Life and Storage Peak Efficiency 93%
  • 2 Line LCD Shows Major Parameters
  • Optional Network Communications:
    • Remote Internet Monitoring
    • Ethernet to Local Computers


The TSW4048 meets specifications provided by installers, distributors, and dealers and required by end-users of battery-based PV power systems. The result is a single box that provides 120 and 240 volt AC power at 60Hz as well as 230 VAC at 50Hz. With a compact footprint and modest weight, the Apollo Solar TSW Inverter also provides ease of installation in tight spaces.

120/240 Volt AC Split-Phase Input and Output

No external transformers are required for step-up, step-down, or balancing, thus, saving added costs, installation time, and several points of efficiency. The output provides 240 volts for well pumps, appliances, or shop tools while providing 120 volts for standard circuits. 75% unbalanced loads are handled as well. The input can accept the line or 240 volt AC generators. The output can be wired for single 230/240VAC output or for single 120VAC output at twice the current. The option to select 230VAC or 240VAC and to select 50Hz or 60Hz is provided by easily accessible internal jumpers.

200% Surge Power Capacity, Starts a 3HP Motor

Over 200% of the rated power is available to allow for intermittent loads for short periods, like starting a 3HP motor, without interrupting sensitive computer loads.

Parallel Stacking of Multiple Inverters

The TSW Inverters can be wired in parallel to provide additional output current.

Efficient Multi-stage Battery Charging

Power factor corrected, the high-current battery-charging circuit optimizes the efficient use of energy from generator or line input. The 5-stage charging algorithm maximizes both battery life and storage capacity.

Advanced Apollo Solar Data Communications

Monitoring of energy used, battery state-of-charge, and system performance is included. The ASNET port provides networking capability of multiple units, access to the T80/T80HV MPPT Turbocharger Controllers. Remote system monitoring on a local Ethernet and/or on the Internet is provided via the Apollo Solar Communications Gateway and even from sites lacking telephone landline via the Apollo Solar GSM Modem.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What other components do I need to go with this product?
    • The Apollo Inverter Mananger (AIM-1) is required to change the inverter default parameters. One AIM-1 can be used with multiple Apollo inverters.
    • The Inverter Switchgear Module (ISM) houses all of the AC and DC circuit breakers required to connect to a TSW series inverter and a T80/T80HV Charge Controller.
    • The ISM includes a 250A main battery breaker, an AC input/output, and bypass breakers
    • To integrate Apollo Charge Controllers into the ISM, T80 and T80HV Breaker Pacs are recommended accessories.
    • To monitor the system’s performance, the Apollo Communications Gateway provides full data monitoring from any computer with internet access.