2V 400Ah Agisson FCB

PKR 21,500.00

Agisson Battery FCB (Fast charge battery) is for hybrid dual power for poor grid and Renewable energy systems.

Cycle life is up to 1500 times @50%DOD, 25℃ s

High charge acceptability, maximum charging current

up to 0.3C to shorten 50% recharging time

Energy efficiency is more than 90%

Nickel oxide-carbonyl nickel sintered plates. US 2672494 A



Product Information Product Specifications
Product code agisson
Model FCB-400A
Condition New
Country of Manufacture China
Manufacturer Huawei
Product Type GEL
Normal Voltage 2V
Capacity 400Ah
Design Service Life 15 Years
Cycle Life 1500@50% DOD, 25C
Weight. 24Kg
Size 181(L)×158(W) ×365(H) mm
Internal Resistance Approx. 0.51mΩ
Self-Discharge Less than 3% after 30 days storage
Operating Temperature Range Discharge: -40℃~50℃(-40℉~122℉)
Charge: -20℃~45℃(-4℉~113℉)
Storage: -20℃~40℃(4℉~104℉)
Recommended Operating Temperature 15℃~25℃(59℉~77℉)
Maximum Charging Current 120A
Maximum Discharge Current 300A
Charging Voltage Float: 2.23 V, , Cycle: 2.35 V
Contain Materials ABS
Terminal M8
Color Gray
Capacity Affected by Temperature 105 % @ 40℃
85 % @ 0℃
60 % @ -20℃