Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy system in Pakistan, Solar energy benefits in Pakistan

Very low maintenance cost

Solar energy system requires very less maintenance. If solar components are of good quality, only battery bank need to be replace after several years. Even discarded battery bank can be resell as per active market led prices.

 Noiseless Operation

During energy production process no noise is produced. It works quietly and domestic or commercial user realize no utility grid power outage.

 Continues Research and Advancement

Solar Energy is improving efficiency day by day. On other hand price is also decreasing rapidly. During last 50 years price has dramatically decreased 100 times than the initial cost.

Till now efficiency is achieved from 1 percent to 23 percent for consumer market and up to 50 percent for space technologies.

 Zero Carbon Emissions

There are no carbon foot prints. Solar helps a lot to keep our environment clean and green

 Reliable Every Day

Utility grid infrastructure have a certain life span after that it need to be repaired or replaced. In case of any natural disaster grid power will not be reliable. But Solar Energy is always reliable, whatever the situation is “Sun will never be unavailable”

 Guaranteed Performance

Solar Panel manufacturer companies claims solar panel life up to 30 years. Some people may not believe that solar panels will produce energy for such long time. But this is true, the first solar powered satellite “Van Guard” launched in 1958 is still in working state. This ensure guaranteed performance of solar panels.

 Lower Payback Period

When solar system is installed for water pumping system, in a bank, in college or university, in any commercial sector. Payback period is not more than 2 ~ 3 years.

 Save from Day One

As soon as solar system is integrated at your home and office. It is ready to use. No special permission or licensing is required. So on when solar energy system is generating energy. You will start saving from day one.

 Easy to Implement

There is no taxes on solar energy products. There is not strict policy for up to one megawatt of solar energy plant. All solar energy products are available locally in huge variety all over the world. It’s a Modular solution no hi tech man power required to install a system.

  Static Price of Energy Production Unit

Electricity provider companies revise and increase their prices each year. But the installed solar system cost stays static as payback period on investment is already calculated. The luxury of no power outage is additional benefit.

 Energy Independent

Once you acquired as solar energy solution. You don’t have to pay any monthly charges on connect loads.