Sharp Inverter AC 1.5 ton XP-18MV
Sharp Inverter AC 1.5 ton XP-18MV
Sharp Inverter AC 1.5 ton XP-18MV

Sharp Inverter AC 1.5 ton XP-18MV


A new range of air conditioners has been launched by Sharp to deliver greater cooling experience. Sharp AH XP18MV AC is designed that perfectly suist our climate condition and gives eco friendly and energy saving experience.


Sharp AH XP 18MV AC’s 1.5 Ton capacity can cool a medium sized room in no time. The cooling rotary compressor comes with 1440 watts.

The Sharp’s AC creates richness in your living space with its stylish and modern outlook. Sharp’s AC has a sleek design and finish which blends perfectly in your bed room or living room.

Air Filters:
It eliminates dust, bad odour, pollens and other particles with the helps of new and innovative technology like Plasmacluster Ion, Green filter+Ag+, Anti-Mold, Detachable & washable Air Filter. This function in Sharp’s split AC gives clean and healty air to breath.

Sharp comes with various controls like Microcomputer Control, LCD Wireless Remote Control, Sleep Mode Function, Laundry Function (Powerful Dry and Deodorant), Super Jet, Powerful Jet, Nature Wing, Powerful Swing, Full Power Mode. This gives comfortable, even temperature control with high power savings.

Speed of Cooling:
With the help of Sharp’s innovative COANDA technology, airflow is even and comfortable cooling is delivered in every corner of the room.  The temperature control and power consumption is maintained by Inverter controlled operation. The powerful jet delivers instant cooling of the room.

Sleep Mode and Timer:
The timer function such as On and Off function, Off-timer operation and Auto sleep delivers comfortable cooling and maintains the room temperature from becoming excessive hot or cold while you sleep.

Noise Level:
It has 39 DB of indoor noise level.

Any Other Specs:
Additional feature include Auto Swing, Auto Restart Function, Computerised Dry Mode, Eco Mode, Laundry function, Detachable and Washable Air Filter, Self Cleaning, Sine Wave Driven System, Microcomputer control, Awakening function, Instant low wattage button, Dual drain setting, Torque Controlled Technology, lower room temperature setting from 16c, 3-step fan speed settings, Horizontal Air Swing, Inverter Controlled Operation, LED Digital Display and Auto Operation Mode.

Energy Rating:
The model has BEE 4 Star Energy Rating.
Sharp AH XP18MV 1.5 Ton AC Specs

Capacity: 1.5 Ton(s)
BEE Rating: 4 Star
AC Type: Split AC
Usage: Home
Warranty: 1 Year(s)
Features: Air Swing, Auto Restart, Remote Control, Timer
Noise Level Indoor: 39 DB