Baykee CHP33 Series Online UPS
Baykee CHP33 Series Online UPS
Baykee CHP33 Series Online UPS

Baykee CHP33 Series Online UPS


Baykee 3 Phase Low Frequency Online UPS

The CHP series ups includes the 10 KVA to 600 KVA (3 phase input & 3 phase output) double conversion On-Line UPS with an isolation transformer at Output. The Load is supplied continuously by the inverter with clean, stabilized and regulated sine wave output power. Input & Output filters increase the immunity of load from power disturbances and surges


Thanks to state-of-the-art microprocessor / DSP based outstanding advanced technology design. CHP series Double Conversion Online UPS can be used for monitoring various parameters of the UPS and also can be useful for remote monitoring / control on the web by adding SNMP Card (Optional).


Special Features :

1. Double Conversion UPS System
2. Pure Sine Wave Output Design
3. Extended backup time
4. N+X parallel redundancy UPS System

  • LCD display with multi-language graphical interface for easy operation and accurate outputs.
  • System block diagrams and statuses for simple operating modes and overall conditions.
  • Long-distance monitoring can be implemented using varied communication ports through computers/network systems for direct monitoring and control.
  • All messages generated on the interface using MCU.
  • Interchangeable circuit boards UPS, minimizing component-inventory management.
  • Friendly design for consistent quality power and protection of related devices.

Suitable For :

  • Data process systems
  • Communication systems
  • Satellite systems
  • Computer network systems
  • Medical device systems
  • Safety and emergency systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Factory facilities