Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Auto Hand Sanitizing LCD Display Guide
Combining 21.5 inch LCD display with auto hand sanitizing display,
Helping people develop the habit of washing their hands frequently and better protect


Main features:

  • Indoor use 21.5 inch FHD IPS screen
  • Waterproof touch screen (upgradeable version)
  • Auto Dispenser & Plastic Drip trays
  • Wall mounted/freestanding installation
  • Built-in android system with Hdmi-input(support connect your media player)
  • Cloud base CMS function, easy to control and management (free 1 year)


Application places: libraries, schools, coffee bars, subway/bus/train stations, airports, offices, hospitals and medical centres, shopping malls, restaurants, washing-rooms, supermarkets and so on.

In the near future, this product will be popular everywhere and very common in public places, even it will become important facility standards