2V 400Ah Agisson FCB
2V 400Ah Agisson FCB
2V 400Ah Agisson FCB

2V 400Ah Agisson FCB


Agisson Battery FCB (Fast charge battery) is for hybrid dual power for poor grid and Renewable energy systems.

Cycle life is up to 1500 times @50%DOD, 25℃ s

High charge acceptability, maximum charging current

up to 0.3C to shorten 50% recharging time

Energy efficiency is more than 90%

Nickel oxide-carbonyl nickel sintered plates. US 2672494 A



Product Information Product Specifications
Product code agisson
Model FCB-400A
Condition New
Country of Manufacture China
Manufacturer Huawei
Product Type GEL
Normal Voltage 2V
Capacity 400Ah
Design Service Life 15 Years
Cycle Life 1500@50% DOD, 25C
Weight. 24Kg
Size 181(L)×158(W) ×365(H) mm
Internal Resistance Approx. 0.51mΩ
Self-Discharge Less than 3% after 30 days storage
Operating Temperature Range Discharge: -40℃~50℃(-40℉~122℉)
Charge: -20℃~45℃(-4℉~113℉)
Storage: -20℃~40℃(4℉~104℉)
Recommended Operating Temperature 15℃~25℃(59℉~77℉)
Maximum Charging Current 120A
Maximum Discharge Current 300A
Charging Voltage Float: 2.23 V, , Cycle: 2.35 V
Contain Materials ABS
Terminal M8
Color Gray
Capacity Affected by Temperature 105 % @ 40℃
85 % @ 0℃
60 % @ -20℃