AE Solar AE M6-60 Series 250W View full size

AE Solar AE M6-60 Series 250W

AE M6-60 Series 235W-260W

The solar cells are embedded in UV-resistant EVA plastic. 

Through regular monitoring and measurements, we ensure that all the electrical, mechanical, and optical requirements comply with the highest quality standards.

The 50mm thick frame of anodized aluminum ensures excellent stability even in storm and snow load zone 3.

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Price: Rs. 21,250 Rs.

High performance modules of mono-crystalline solar cells
Connection box with 6 bypass diodes
3,2 mm thick safety glass of high transparence
12 year product warranty
12 years guarantee at 90% rated performance
30 years guarantee at 80% rated performance
Certified from: TÜV, IEC 61215, IEC 61730, CE, ISO
40 or 50 mm aluminum frame
Up to + 3% positive power tolerance
Cell efficiency up to 18.52%